Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday: Stuck in the Mud

Yesterday, Tuesday, went better at the first site. After our daily morning devotions as a group, we headed on out. At the first site, we actually got to play along with almost all of the games that they played. It was great to see the group try to get involved and play with the kids, even with limited amounts of Spanish.

What wasn't so great, though, was Ben's idea to take a shortcut as he was driving us back. It was just a small shortcut, but we took it anyway. And got stuck in the mud. Very, very stuck. Pushing was useless. Thankfully, a lady was just driving by in a powerful-looking pickup. I flagged her down and asked for help to pull us out. Eventually we tied on to the pickup, and she gunned the engine. With the wheels of both vehicles spinning and spitting mud out the back, with the engine and wheels of the pickup smoking, and with most of us pushing, we finally got out! As we thanked the woman, she casually mentioned that she sold perfume. Of course, we felt obligated to buy some. It certainly wasn't what we wanted to happen but it made for some great pictures!

The group of kids in the afternoon was larger than the day before, as it was at the morning site. The program was rather uneventful, though, other than the fact that we tried to get involved more with the kids. The ride to where we had dinner was very eventful, though. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until next time. My time online is running short....

Picture 1: Stuck in the mud, waiting for help.
Picture 2: Pushing the van. I have a couple great shots of the mud and how deep it was, but those will come later.
Picture 3: Kids at our first site woking on the craft.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder what exactly was mixed in with that mud that you were standing in? Been there, done that with a van stuck in the mud in Reynosa. It does, however, make great stories

Jo Ellen

Oaxacakid said...

Yep, I've wondered that. Especially since I know that pigs, chickens, etc live in the town.
It certainly will give us some good stories for a while, though!