Sunday, July 29, 2007

Goodbye: Afternoon Site

I don't think it was quite as hard to say goodbye at the afternoon site as at Bernardo's church. The group of kids in the afternoon wasn't quite as well behaved as Bernardo's group, but it still seemed more formal/strict than the morning site. I didn't feel like I made as many strong connections with the people at our afternoon site.

We still had a normal VBS program before we left for the last time. The craft went better than we expected it to, so that was nice. Some of the little boys were really cute when they were singing the songs. The leader of the VBS there often would ask us after a song whether the boys or the girls sang better/louder. The boys might not have sung better, but the little boys tried their very best to make sure they were the loudest!

At the end of the program, it came time to say our farewells. Lots of the people there wanted a picture with us, so we stood around for quite a while taking pictures of different groups of people. A few people had all of us sign the back of their craft project, and three of the kids even had us all sign the back of their shirts! When we were finally done, we got our last ride in the Deathmobile, back to the hotel before dinner. As with most of the other nights, dinner was at one of the churches. The same soup that had the pig knuckles and tripe showed up again here. I wonder if it was suggested to them by the other church where we had it.

Picture 1: The whole group of kids, with the pastor, the other leaders, and us.
Picture 2: A shirt that we all signed.
Picture 3: One of the smaller groups that they wanted a picture of.

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Anonymous said...

that church you were in for the VBS.... I WORKED ON THE ROOF THE TUESDAY BEFORE YOU CAME!!!!!

i am crying right now because it is just so awesome to see how God works in such powerful ways!!!!!