Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuck in the Mud, Part 2

Thursday was our last day of VBS. It was also the second day that we got completely stuck in the mud. The night before, it had rained. As we drove to the site in our van "Grande Azul," or "Big Blue," we started getting a little worried, seeing how much water was left on the roads. After we turned off of the paved road to go the rest of the way to the church, we started to hit the muddy spots. Finally, just a short ways from the church, we got stuck. At first the van just fishtailed over toward the left side of the street and onto the grass. Then, the wheels kept on spinning, but the van didn't move anywhere.

We decided to just walk the short distance to thechurch, then, and get the van out after our last VBS program at that church. As we started walking back towards the van, it started to rain. As we pushed the van, with help from some of the bigger kids that went to VBS, it started to rain even harder. Pushing didn't seem to be doing much good at first, as the van's wheels would spin but only allow the van to move forward at a crawl. Even then, as the back part of the van got pushed out of the grass and back onto the road, it didn't last long. The rear part of the van would swing out, but then it would skid right back towards the grass. We only got it out by having just as many people push on the side than on the back.We did finally get it out, although it was again covered in mud that we tracked in. Not only that, but we were all thoroughly soaked, too. Things like this are rarely fun at the time, but they make great memories!

Picture 1: First time the van got stuck. This time, instead of deep mud, we got stuck with a thin, slippery layer of mud on top. As a side note, the second van got stuck in the exact same spot shortly after we got out.
Picture 2: Bonus shot of the first time we got stuck. No shots of this time, since I was actually pushing. Notice how deep the mud was the other time.

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