Friday, July 27, 2007

Picture Post: Us with the Kids

The girls from our group with some of the girls that cameto VBS.

Friends at our afternoon site.

Playing a game with the kids during VBS.

Helping out one of the little boys with his craft.

Sitting with friends at our afternoon site, near the end of the craft time.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Karen and I'm from the group at 1st Cov that was in Valle Hermoso the week before you guys... it's cool to see the pictures from the VBS cause I helped install the windows and doors there the week before! Crazy, huh?!?

Did you guys help complete roofing a church by any chance? Also worked on that, but we ran out of time and we didn't do it til our last day, so we had no chance to finish... yeah. Anyways, it's been so awesome to read about your trip- I'm so envious that you're there and I'm not!!! Haha!

Oaxacakid said...

Well, thanks for helping with the windows/doors! It was good to have them there :)
Nope, we didn't work on roofing a church... one of the pastors told me about your group, though. He said you put a roof on his church after not having one for two years.

Thanks for the comment!