Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday: Church and Recruiting

That is, we were recruiting kids to come to the VBS programs this week. Due to a change in plans, we went from 8 church locations for VBS down to 6. To make up for that, the Mikruts' house was added as another location. Since no one in the neighborhood new about it beforehand, we had to go out through the neighborhood and generate some interest. We had lively music playing at the house, and went through the streets with balloons, snacks, and invitations to the VBS programs. We also had the van, with people hanging onto the sides, and clowns from a local church. We'll see tomorrow how well we actually did generating interest. Hopefully lots of kids show up!

To begin the day, we went to a local church here and worshiped with them. It was probably very different for most of the people in the group. I got to translate a greeting from Jim Mikrut on behalf of the group. Surprisingly, I did pretty well translating. After the service we went to the home of the Mikruts. There we had lunch, put together snack bags for the VBS, and hung out in an air conditioned house.

The pictures above will have to speak for themselves until I can get back online. Right now, we're off to a drama at another church here. Quick rundown, though.
1. Me with the pastor at the church this morning, along with a couple other guys.
2. Going through the neighborhood in the van. Lots of mud. It rained.
3. Need I say anything?


Anonymous said...

Buen hecho! Muchas gracias por las fotos y el comentario sobre la manana en la iglesia y la tarde en el bario. Estamos orando mucho para ustedes todos. La predicacion de la manana fue muy bien para mi aqui en la iglesia. Sigue adelante! Y que Dios los bendiga!
Tu Papa

MJ said...


Muchas muchas gracias for the blog and photos. It is so appreciated by all of us parents. Please say Hi! to David for us. We are holding you all in our prayers and are eager to hear all about the trip and how God is using you in Mexico.
David's Mom

Baldy said...

Hi Guys, you all look great, expecially Shannyn. It is fun to see the pictures of all of you doing your activities. It doesn't look too hot down there. I hope the rain cooled it off a little. I am sure it added humidity though. I am praying that tomorrow will go well and that you get kids to come to the new location. I am also praying for a safe and successful trip. Blessings to you all. Hi to S & B. Mick

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim-
I enjoyed looking at your photos and hearing about your first day in Valle Hermoso. I was in Valle Hermosa at the beginning of May and recognized the pastor in the first photo as someone that I had met on my trip to visit the Mikruts. Have a great trip.

Jo Ellen

Gordon Christensen said...

We sure enjoyed your pics & blog. We are praying that you will experience great things these days, God has been very good to you all in providing a way to go down to Mexico and helping those with great needs. Ps. 84,
love, Grandma & Granpa C.

KarenAnn said...

ohhhh!!!! You went to Julio's church!!!!!! I love that man soooo much!!! I don't know if you guys got to hear any of his testimony, but it's an incredible story!!! Also in the picture (next to Julio) are Jacinto (another one of my favorite mexicans) and Raul. We also got to go to Julio's church when we were down there... I loved watching/ listenening to him preach! He's so passionate for God and it's so cool to see!

Oaxacakid said...

Thanks for all the comments! Glad you enjoy the blog.