Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday: Home, Sweet Home

Saturday brought mixed feelings for almost everyone in the group. On the one hand, I think we were excited to get back to the States, where almost everything is nicer, cleaner, more comfortable, more convenient, etc. No topes (speed bumps) everywhere, being able to drink tap water, actually have a toilet seat again, not have to hike through thick mud, etc, etc...
On the other hand, it meant that we had to say goodbye to Mikrut family that had helped us so much while we were there in Mexico. We had already said our goodbyes to the pastors and the people we had worked with, but Saturday was it. We were actually leaving. It's amazing how fast time goes. We closed our Saturday morning devotions with a prayer for the Mikruts and singing through the song, "Sanctuary." At the end of the song, most eyes were moist.

When we actually left, we drove from Valle Hermoso to the border. At the border, all the people in the two big vans had to get out and file through the government offices, letting the border agents take a quick look at their passports. Everything went smoothly, and we got back on the road fairly quickly. On the way to McAllen, the trailer carrying our stuff got a flat tire. Thankfully, there was a place nearby that helped them change the tire. At the airport we checked in before heading over to a nearby mall for lunch. Following lunch, we returned to the airport to go through security and wait for our flight. Everything went smoothly, and we arrived safely in Dallas. I had a relatively quick connection, but I still took time to say some quick goodbyes to the rest of the team. After a week of working with those people in Mexico, it was actually very hard to say goodbye.

I need not have worried at all about making my connection to Detroit. The flight got slightly delayed as two of the planes tires had to be changed. Instead of rushing, I had time to find and purchase an interesting John Grisham novel to amuse myself with on the plane. After an uneventful flight spent reading, I finally got back home. A quick check of Facebook online, and I could tell that the rest of the group had made it back to the Twin Cities safely as well. It's good to be back. On the other hand, how can I sit back and enjoy all I have here, while I have friends back in Mexico that sometimes don't even have enough to eat?

Picture 1: The whole team at the McAllen airport.
Picture 2: Those of us on the team wearing soccer jerseys.
Picture 3: Saying goodbye to the Mikruts (not including Jim).


Baldy said...

Mr T. Your blog is great. I really looked forward to catching up with the group every day. I couldn't wait for your updates. It was fun to read how God was working through the group with the people of Mexico. It was also fun to see the pictures of Shannyn and Bethany (and others)working with the kids. Since their return, both Shannyn and Bethany have been sharing non stop about all that they did down there and how they were touched by their experiences. They both want to go back next year and work with the children again. We will need to make that happen. It was a great experience for all who went to Mexico and everyone who read your blog. Thanks for setting up this blog and for allowing us to see what was happening. Great job Mr. T.

Oaxacakid said...

Thanks a lot for leaving comments! It's very encouraging to hear that people appreciate it, even though I enjoy doing it anyway.
I agree that it would be wonderful to get a group back down there next year. It was such a great experience... hopefully we can continue to partner with the churches we worked with.
Next year when (not if) we go, you'll have to come, too!