Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coming up...

Coming up, look for more updates on some of the following:
-Stuck in Mud, Part 2
-Saying goodbyes at our VBS sites
-Many more pictures
-Replies to the comments that have been left so far (thanks for commenting, it really is an encouragement).

-Once we're back in the States, video clips and descriptions of the other sites people have been at.


MJ said...

Hola Tim and all the team!

Thank you do much for the blog, it means so much. What an awesome adventure you are all on. We are holding you all in our prayers. Say hi to David for me. Tell him Pepper misses him;0)


David's Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great updates! I love this "deathmobile" story! One of my first trips to V.H. I rode in what we affectionately called the "Blanco Trucko" that belonged to Pastor Gamma's Father, Pastor Inez (he also had a van similar to the one you described). I decided at that point that there was no need to pray for safety while was the driving/riding in Mexico that we should have our prayer partners focus on! :)

Keep up the great work with our friends in V.H.!

Darla Ruiz

Oaxacakid said...

Thanks for the comments! I enjoy blogging, so its great that you enjoy reading it.
I would agree that you really need the prayer when driving in Mexico. Hey, at least it's never boring!