Thursday, July 26, 2007


Finishing up with Tuesday evening, we had dinner at the church of one of the other pastors. They had actually bought us something from a fast food place. It was very generous of them, and we were thankful, but I think lots of us would have prefered more Mexican food. After dinner, we sang some songs as a group, and the pastor, with a couple relatives, sang some songs for us.

Moving on to Wednesday. It seemed like more people were getting used to getting up early, even during the summer. During our morning devotions, a couple people shared what God had taught them so far. One mentioned flexibility, a huge thing in Mexico and on mission trips. The other said that they were learning to be a lot more grateful for what we have in the States.

At our morning site, we tried to get even more involved. This time, we actually sang a song for them, MontaƱa, and taught them a game that we like to play as a youth group. It took a little while for them to catch on, but we did indeed bring Shuffle Your Buns to Mexico! The kids loved it, and asked to play it again, today. It was also good to see more people in the group playing with the kids and talking with them as much as they could. After a welcome stop at an internet cafe during our midday break, I rejoined my group to go the afternoon site.

The afternoon site seems to bed a bit better organized or better equipped, but the kids aren't nearly as cooperative. It might partially be due to the fact that we have three fewer people from our group at that site. Still, the little boys seem to be especially unattentive. Nevertheless, it went well enough. Other than the fact that a few of the little boys seemed bent on attacking me the whole afternoon. There are some older kids there, too, so we can play soccer with them while the rest of the kids play games inside. I don't think I mentioned this yet, but we also purchased soccer balls for each of the sites that didn't have any. The pastors, especially the one at our morning site, were very grateful.

Picture 1: Playing with the kids attending VBS.
Picture 2: Shuffle Your Buns comes to Mexico!

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