Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Schedule for the Week

Again, thank you to everyone that has been praying for this trip as the details get worked out. Here is the basic schedule for the trip, so you can pray more specifically for what we are doing.

Saturday: I will be flying from here in Detroit to Dallas. The rest of the team will fly to Dallas from the Twin Cities, and we will meet up there. We will then fly to McAllen and drive over the border from there. That evening we will (hopefully) spend getting settled in our hotel.

Sunday: In the morning we will be joining our host churches for their church services. If they're anything like those in Oaxaca, they could last two or three hours. Here's hoping that they're very different from the services in Oaxaca! In the afternoon, we will prepare for the children's programs and visit neighborhoods near the churches to generate excitement for the programs. The evening will probably be mostly down time, getting ready for the week ahead.

Monday through Friday: In the morning we'll be helping the host churches with the children's programs. We'll be split up into different teams and work at four different sites. In the afternoon we will be preparing for the next day, but will most likely have free time as well. We might even get in some sightseeing! The evening will find us back at work, this time at four other sites.

Saturday: We cross back over the border after breakfast. Lunch is in Texas, and we have afternoon flights back home. If all goes well, we should be home shortly after 7:00 PM.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
I checked this out finally, sending the link on to Justin. We'll be praying LOTS for you and the others!

Madra said...

You write very well.