Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friday: Less Work, More Play

After having a long four days of doing VBS programs at seven different sites, we finally got a break on Friday. We got to get up quite a bit later, only meeting as a team at 9:15. After breakfast and devotions, we headed on downtown to do some shopping. Unfortunately, there really weren't any markets. There were some shops, but not all that much variety of things for sale. Even so, it was kind of fun to have a break from VBS and look around the central plaza for a while.

After lunch at a local restaurant and an afternoon break, we got ready for the evening. The clowns that had been with us on the first day to invite kids to come to the VBS program at the Mikruts's house had a program that they wanted us to be able to see as a group. We drove to a grassy place with trees, picnic table, and a gazebo/pavilion where we would get to see the the show put on by the clowns and then afterwards play with the kids that came to see it. The program started quite a bit later than it was supposed to, but that was because Barb Mikrut and Ben Pease were going to pick up more kids from the churches we had been at. Although, I missed the first part of the clown program since I was talking with Bernarod, it seemed like they did a pretty good job. Unfortunately, a light rain started part of the way through the program and lasted until after we left. Because of the rain, we didn't get to play soccer or anything with the kids as much as we thought we would get to.

When the program was over and all the kids had been driven back to the churches they had come from, we got to go back to the hotel. On our last night in Mexico, we finally got to have very American food for supper: pizza. Following the pizza, some of the people from our group went to go play soccer with some Mexican youth. I think most of us, however, chose to stay at the hotel and rest a bit more after a long, but rewarding week.

Picture 1: Having fun in the plaza.
Picture 2: The big church off of one side of the plaza.
Picture 3: A truck loaded to the very top. Typical for Mexico.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
I can't believe more people haven't commented on your great pictures and good write-ups of the last several posts. I guess they're too busy just getting caught up on being home, or rather welcoming others back home, as the case may be. Good job!