Friday, July 27, 2007

Deathmobile, Continued

Wednesday evening, after our VBS program at the second site, we were pleased to find out that we would get to ride in the Deathmobile to the place we would be having dinner. The pastor who had driven it before seemed to greatly enjoy all or laughing and exclamations from the back of his van. Again he kept on swerving wildly, driving fast through puddles and on dirt roads, and generally driving in a rather dangerous manner. I was the only one in the vehicle who spoke Spanish relatively fluently, and I was sitting in the back. Since the engine was so loud, I could hardly hear what he was saying. What I did catch were his questions/comments (hopefully in jest) about how he didn't know how to get where we were supposed to go. I'm sure he was just playing around, though. At one point, we turned off of the dirt roads back onto the paved road. Immediately, we noticed that, instead of taking all the unpaved back roads, he could have just turned out from the church and ended up in the exact same spot without any turns at all!

The trip became even more exciting when he started down an unpaved road and noticed a big puddle covering the whole road. He apparently thought it was too big to get through, so he started backing up. Remember, now, that this vehicle has no rear view mirror. He also didn't appear to think it necessary to look backwards, either. Finally, when he could turn out and go straight again, he didn't. He kept going backwards almost all the way to the church we were going to!

Picture 1: The Deathmobile, with the pastor who drove us. We figured we were safe, considering the fact that he's a pastor, I'm a pastor's kid, and we had around seven Bibles in the van!
Picture 2: The inside of the van.

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