Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Deathmobile

The ride to our afternoon site was harmless enough. The car was a bit old and it was a bit tight, but it was decent enough. When we were finished with what we were doing at that site, the pastor told us that he was the one that was going to take us to where we would eat dinner. He had his van, which we later took to calling The Deathmobile, parked outside. Like the other car, it looked decent, if a little dilapidated. As soon as we stepped inside, though, we realized that it would be an interesting ride!

I hardly even know where to start. The most obvious thing was that the seating in the van was very strange. There was a bench seat in back, with another bench seat along the side opposite the sliding door. As with the rest of the van, they looked worn out. The sliding door didn't have an obvious handle on the inside, and there wasn't much covering the bare metal. The roof was being held up by a board placed horizontally just under it. Just before we started out, it was noticed that there was no rear view mirror. And no speedometer. And the pastor had told us the day before that the brakes were bad. Sounds like fun, right?

Even before we left, we were all laughing. I think that only encouraged the pastor to drive crazily. We started off, after the pastor messed with the engine a bit, and drove away. We went as fast as the van could go, going over the bumps quite hard, swerving wildly, and turning into oncoming traffic. Did I mention that he didn't have power steering? It made for some very interesting driving, especially since he took the back roads that weren't paved. Like I said before, I love the driving in Mexico!

I don't have any pictures of our ride, yet, but I'll try to get some from someone else, soon.

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