Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weekly set of pictures

The highly ornate and gilded interior of the Santo Domingo cathedral. It's a lot darker in there than it looks like in this picture.
One side of the Zocalo at night.
Looking across the square in front of Santo Domingo. The colors in Oaxaca are always so bright, especially on the buildings.
One of the many colonial looking buildings in Oaxaca. This one is on the walking street betweent the Zocalo and Santo Domingo.
Another view of the Zocalo, with the gazebo in the background. I can never get enough of the Zocalo. It's beautiful and very relaxing.
The cook at a cafe a few block from school. One day in the conversational spanish class I'm sitting in on we went here to get coffee and some memelas, which are tortillas with beans, Oaxacan string cheese, and some type of meat on them. The lady who runs the cafe is seen here cooking a memela on her comal (griddle). When we ordered orange juice, they squeezed it fresh right there. The coffee came in pottery bowls, and it was a little weak, but made with sugar and some cinnamon. I actually think it's very good, even though I like really strong coffee.
The flowers at Abastos really are beautiful, and the fragrance almost overwhelms you as you walk around that section.
There is also a large selection of decadent fruits available at many stand similar to this one. In here I can see right off hand, grapes, two varieties of bananas, pears, cantaloupe, apples, peaches, pineapple, watermellon, and at least two varieties of mangos.
This is the style of coffee mug I got; only one dollar apiece.
The people that run the stand where we get nieves in Zaachila. They're the same people we used to get nieves from when we were here two years ago. Great memories!

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Hey Tim-this is Mrs. Gaylord (from 8th grade) I was just looking at your blog (your dad sent it to me) I never blog but just wanted to say "hey" -I hope the SATs go well for you.