Monday, May 15, 2006

Party from Sunday

Well, since I didn't have much going on today, I can write about the Mother's Day party at the church in Zaachila yesterday. Apparently last week all the men in the church made the women leave really quickly after church so they could plan the party. :)

One of my favorite foods from Mexico is tamales, and that's what we had, and we had them in abundance. We had tamales de mole, which are tamales with chicken and a chocolate based sauce that isn't sweet (the mole). They also had tamales de rajas, which are tamales with cheese and strips of chile peppers. They also had sweet tamales, which tasted like there was some pineapple in there. I ate four of them and was feeling pretty full, but apparently, in some parts of the state, almost everyone will eat as many as eight or more!

We also had Jamaica to wash it down with. No, I'm not a lunatic that thinks you can drink a country; it's just hibiscus juice, silly! (What's so unusual about that?!!) I'm not sure if it's a really special type of hibiscus, but it's basically just dried hibiscus flowers boiled in water. Typically it's drunk cold, though.

Along with all that we had something that, unlike tamales, you can't get in Mexico. Nieves. Literally snow (which, of course, is easy to find in MN); really is like home-made ice cream. They had ordered walnut. It was delicious-a nice vanilla flavor with plenty of big chuncks of walnuts, and the slightly rough consistency that makes nieves so good.

First pic- Train tracks behind the house where I'm staying.
Second pic- Nuez (walnut) nieves!!!
Third pic- Our local butcher shop that also has some veggetables. It's just across the street on the right side of the first pic.


oaxacadad said...

Good job, Tim. Some more nice pictures and good commentary!
Odie Futz

engdahl said...

ah this all sounds so fun! you are so lucky...we all miss you so much! allison and i were just talking about you i hope you're having a great time!...i'll talk to you later!
see ya!

Anonymous said...

Tim, it is great to read your perspectives on your experiences in Oaxaca. Very descriptive, I can almost taste or see what you're experiencing.