Saturday, May 27, 2006

How many people fit in your car?

How many people do you think fit in a VW Bug? Maybe four? Two in the back and two in the front since it's a little small in there? Nope! Well, what about five; two in the front and three squished like sardines in the back? Still too low! How about six; three in the back, the driver, and two people in the front passenger seat? Come on; you can fit more than that! We actually got seven people in a VW Bug. The driver, two people in the front passenger seat, three in back on the seat, and one sitting on someone's lap in back. Suffice it to say that it was very, very cramped (it was a long drive too since we were coming from the baseball game and we had to drop someone off)! And we kept scraping on the topes (big speed bumps that slow people down since speed limits and police don't).

Also, the people I was with told about a time when they were driving back from camp (annual school camp together with a Christian school in the state north of us) in Puebla, the state just north of us. Apparently their bus driver was drunk. And it was even on a private bus, too. The parent chaperones thought it wasn't too bad since they couldn't smell alcohol. That is, they didn't think it was too bad until he started driving. Weaving in and out of traffic, he hardly knew how to drive he was so drunk. Needless to say, they called the bus company and said, "Hey, you gave us a drunk driver. We're stopping at the mall until we get a new driver!" Another time when I was with them, we were driving on the extremely curvy roads through the mountains in a pretty big bus. There was a big truck in front of us going slowly, so our driver decided to pass him (of course, it just had to be while we went around a bend!). Keep in mind that these roads have very little shoulder, so they are very narrow. Just as we were passing the truck, an eighteen wheeler came around the bend in the other direction! Thankfully we didn't crash, but I think one of the female chaperones almost had a heart attack seeing us, a big bus, between two big trucks on a narrow curve...

Anyway, one week from today is the SAT. I know I don't have to do well since I can take it twice more, but I know I'll be really mad at myself if I don't do really well. I guess I just have to do my best... Tomorrow I get to go back out to Zaachila for church; it's the last week with a part, this time as a send off for a couple that are kind of missionaries but are returning to the States for a while. I try to do something interesting in the next few days so I can have some good pictures to post.

First pic: The VW Bug into which we fit seven people, it has been said nine people have been fit into it, and we think it could hold eleven... :)
Second pic: My plumbing at school. The pipe used to just stick straight out of the wall. I did the same thing for another pipe, too.
Third pic: Baseball game. Sorry about the bad quality. I'm going to see if I can get a mini tripod or something.


Ashley Block said...

Hey Tim! It's crazy how much we miss you up here but it's so cool to know that you're having fun! I'm so jealous! It looks so pretty down there! It's really hot here and finals are coming up. Not looking forward to it. Don't stress yourself out too much over the SAT. You still have a few years before you have to think about college! Have fun!
-Ashley Block

Oaxacamk said...

Hey. Thanks for commenting. I'm missing everyone from MA a lot, too, but I really am having a great time down here! Hope finals go well.