Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Weekly set of pictures

A view of a little more of the Zocalo.
Your local, corner store where you can get a surprising variety of things.

Dowtown Oaxaca. The big building on the left covers the whole square block and houses the Benito Juarez market.
Seats as close to the field as can be for only six dollars.
A sidewalk near where I'm staying (not that anyone ever uses sidewalks). Typical of what you think of Oaxaca is like.
Here's the leader of the Covenant churches here in Oaxaca.
The view out my window.
Don't ever complain about the bathrooms at your school. The kids here actually have cause to complain.
And don't ever complain about less than ideal facilities for gym class. These guys from my school here don't have any facilities at school. (By the way, I have first hand experience that says that one should never play football on a dirt soccer field.)


oaxacadad said...

Great set of photos, Tim. I have enjoyed reading the comments from other folks visiting your blog site. For everyone who adds their comments, there are probably at least ten others that have enjoyed the posting, but didn't take the time, or felt reluctant to add their 'dos pesos'.

Anonymous said...

this is my 1st blog experience & I'm really enjoying your pictures and writings. I learned that if I go to your blog page from your dad's e-mail, that's when I get the dark navy background with letters that hardly show up enough to read. But if I go to your page from explorer, then it's a light background with dark letters that read just fine. So can anyone explain that?
Aunt Sheryl