Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here and tired

It's finally here. I'm actually in Oaxaca, although it feels kind of surreal. In the morning I'm in school with all my friends and in the evening I'm in Oaxaca, Mexico. Now that I've gotten here it feels like it's going to be a much longer time than it seemed before I left, and I think I'm going to miss my friends from school a lot more than I thought I would.

Anyway, the flight went pretty well. Even considering that the lone flight attendant had trouble opening the door in Oaxaca... and even though she was mad and was yelling at us to sit down even though the fasten seat belts sign was off.... and even though the lights were going from on to off to only emergency lights to on to emergency lights (you get the idea; it was a good thing the plane was on the ground)... and even though the cabin pressure wasn't equalized when the cabin door opened :) . All that was okay for two reasons. 1. I didn't have to go through the Mexico City airport. 2. They actually served a meal on the plane!!! Either turkey or ham sandwiches, with carrots and drinks and snickers bars!!! I guess it was an international flight, but it was still shorter than my flight to Houston.

I'll have more later, with more pics (first two from the Houston-Oaxaca flight; last one the playing field for gym class here. the scars on my knees attest to the fact that American football was not meant to be played on dirt and rocks :(

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oaxacadad said...

Hey Tim,
Great blog site! Good to see your pictures and read your commentary on the trip down and esp on the Guerreros baseball game. We will look forward to checking the site often! Keep up the good work.