Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mexican traffic and my new best friend

Well, since I'm all worn out from a fun day, I won't post everything yet. Today, I found out that I have a new best friend in the Agee's cat. This morning at quarter to seven it was meowing at my door wanting in. I kicked it out after a while, but it came back in the window. Oh, well. It's cute. Except that I'm getting cat hair all over everything.

For church today, I went out to Zaachila. Along the way I heard all about the changes that have come to Oaxaca, and many of the interesting incidents since I left. Concerning the traffic in Oaxaca, this seems rather accurate:

"Speed limit? What's that? .... Driver's license? Why bother with that stuff? .... Insurance? ... Ha! You don't really think I'm going to get in a crash do you?! ... Red lights mean you need to stop and stay stopped until the light turns green? Why...?" Why, God, did you not let me stay and learn to drive in Oaxaca??? It's so much more fun.

Anyway, it's always interesting to see the expressions on peoples' faces when they see me. They look at me; then take a second look; then stare as a look of slow recognition comes over their face. Finally, "Timothy???" I find it so amusing how I just show up in their church after two years of being gone. And hardly anyone knows I'm going to be their. They're excited to see me, though. I currently have standing invitations to stay with a family out there for the weekend, go up to the Sierra (mountains) for a weekend, and/or help teach English classes somewhere.

Sometime tomorrow I'll have more on the Mother's Day party.

First pic: The outside of the Zaachilia church
Second pic: The inside of the church in Zaachila
Third pic: My new best friend


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim. THis is Byron from BCC. You made it down to Oaxaca. Good for you. I just wanted you to know I am praying for you and what you can do in Jesus name in Oaxaca.

Your friend,


Anne Calvin said...

¡Timo! We were just talking about you in class today--everyone was asking if I had emailed you yet and I told them I wanted to get your email address from your Dad, and then voila--he sent out an email this afternoon with your blog address. :)

We do miss you in class and I look forward to keeping up with you during the summer.

Aprende tantas palabras nuevas que puedas enseƱarme. :)