Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First time back at the Zocalo

I finally got down to the Zocalo! It still looks beautiful, and if you didn't already know about it, you could hardly tell that it had changed. More on that in another post. For those of you that aren't familiar with the term, the Zocalo is the citie's central square. Here there are lots of trees and flowers. The landscaping has kind of half walls around it to sit on. In the middle there is a gazebo where you can catch the marimba group. There are lots of nice restaurants all around the square.

While I'm here I plan on going down there often to sit down with either a book or my laptop (some restaurants even have wireless internet), and order a pitcher of "limonada con gas" (lemonade made with carbonated water). The carbonation makes it really good. I'm surprised that I haven't found it anywhere else but Oaxaca.

Going down there we passed the big Benito Juarez market and lots of little stalls along the street. The city really does seem like a quaint colonial town downtown. Some other day I'll go down specifically to get some pictures to post. Anyway, down on the Zocalo we got some drinks from Michoacana, an ice cream place. I got horchata. At first glance it appears to be milk, but in reality it is some kind of rice water. It's kind of sweet, and it has a very distictive flavor. In the best horchata, they put in lots of pieces of melon and walnuts. Delicious!! :)

First pic: Pizza delivery motorcycle. I still think pizza being delivered in cars is wierd... :)
Second pic: The street just off one corner of the Zocalo at dusk.
Third pic: Two musicians playing Andean music on one side of the Zocalo.

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