Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A typical school day for me

Well, since the past few days have been a little slow, I think that today would be a good day to post a brief summary of what my typical school day is like.

First of all I get up around quarter to seven since we have breakfast around quarter after seven. For all our meals we have an interesting mix of American and Mexican food. We almost always have delicious fresh fruit for breakfast, though. It usually takes a while to get everyone actually down to the table and eating since some family members are a little slow in the mornings... :)

School starts at eight, and since we live close by, we leave around quarter to eight. All four or five of us cram into this little, old ('78), dull orange VW Bug. I'm always expecting that one of these days it's not even going to start. As it is, it doesn't particularly like to start, and it does like to stall, so I'm always happy to get to school in one piece... :)

Anyway, first period I sit in on a conversational Spanish class where we basically just talk. It's fun, though. Second period I tutor a junior higher in Math. It's more fun assigning the homework
than it is to do it. :) Thankfully, I'm just assigning it now. Third period is PE, so sometimes I participate or help out. After that my day is pretty much free unless one of the teachers has a job for me. Otherwise, I can just read a lot or play around on my laptop. For lunch I can head over to the cafe across the street from the school to have a sandwich and a Coke. The sandwiches
are delicious! I typically get one that consists of black beans, Oaxacan string cheese (quesillo), some kind of enchilada meat, avocados, tomatoes, and the obligatory jalapenos. It's a great

After school, we have comida (lunch for Mexicans, which they have between two and four). Then I hang out in my room a lot, reading and doing stuff online, if we don't do something interesting like going to the Zocalo. I'm also studying for the SAT at least a little bit every day. After dinner,
I usually stay up until 10:30 or so. And that is my slightly boring day. Except when we go to the Zocalo or something to make it really interesting. I'm thinking about going out to the town that makes rugs sometime this week, though. That should be fun since I have friends out there from before.

First pic: The classroom where I spent most of my time when I was here before was on the top floor of this building. Being that high made even the tiniest earthquakes seem big. :)
Second pic: On the walk home from school.

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