Friday, May 12, 2006

Go Guerreros!!!

One of my favorite things about Oaxaca is the driving. In all honesty it really is. Sometime I'm going to get a four or five minute video from a taxi very literally weaving in and out of traffic. Or maybe a huge bus passing another huge bus with a whole four inches of room. What?!! What a waste of three and a half inches!! :) I wish I could take drivers ed here. American driving is just so boring, so proper, so.. so... so sane!!! Oh, well.

Anyway, the reason I'm talking about driving is because we took a bus to and a taxi from a Oaxaca Guerreros (warriors) baseball game. It was so fun!! I remember many good times in that park. Just six bucks for general admission, which is pretty much anywhere. Take me out to the ball game; take me out to the park; buy me some tacos and tlayudas (huge, hard tortillas with lots of stuff on them). It's really fun, and a lot different from the US. You get to sit really, really close to the field for just six bucks. You have people walking aroiund selling tacos and spicy peanuts and all manner of little snacks, and stuff from the Italian Coffee Company, and lots of other things.

And then there are the sounds. Oh, my; if you've never been to a Mexican ball game, you 'ain't heard nothin'. You have at least three people with rather large drums, beating them practically the whole game. Then you have you're people with horn type things, and twirly wooden things that are really lowd. ......By the way, don't you love car alarm sirens? Well, if so, then have I got a ball game for you!!! I have no idea who thought of installing some kind of siren thingy in the stadium byt that gets almost as annoying as drums after a while. Oh, did I forget to mention the fire crackers? Anyone have any knowledge of US law? I kind of doubt they allow ball games to get this exciting. I think I must have jumped every single time a firecracker (very loud ones) went off, which was every time the Guerreros did something cool or every time people were getting bored. Boy is it fun!! They stick them in the fence out in the cheap outfield seats (just a buck!!) and then make sure no one is sitting withing two or three rows.

Anyway, that's the more exciting part of my life so far. As for me helping out at school, I am officially "Mr. Carlson", since I am (kind of) a member of the staff. I've been tudoring a girl in Math, going to PE with the high schoolers, and helping out with other things that come up. Not to mention reading a tone :) Can't complain, though. The library at school has some good books.

First pic: A guy selling all kinds of nuts at the ball game. Not to be confused with the nuts that read my blog :)
Second pic: A panorama of the ball park; it's kind of hard to see so if you want the high resolution image just ask.
Third pic: The guys running (walking) back to school after PE. They have to use the area shown in previous pics which is about three quarters of a mile from school, because they don't rent the gym at the seminary where the school is.

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