Friday, May 19, 2006


Here are the machines that they use to grind up the chocolate. Cocoa beans in the very top, cinnamon and nuts ground in through that thing sticking out midway up, and the liqiud ground chocolate is mixed with sugar sitting in the big bottom part. A big cocao pod, which holds the cocao beans wchich are covered with a sweet white flesh. You can see some dried beans under the cinnamon sticks in back. Also some almonds. Makes for a great chocolate blend.
A bin of warm, soft chocolate; a bin of powdered chocolate, and a box of chocolate. A kilo of the soft stuff is less than four dollars.
The biggest part of the shop, with the walls covered in different kinds of delectable chocolate. Just out of sight on the counter to the left are jars of different kinds of chocolate to taste. I love that stuff. :)

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oaxacadad said...

"You're making me hungry.."