Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another party at church

Today we had another party at church, this time for the pastor, Boni's, birthday. He is going to be leaving the church for a little while so it was also kind of a going away party. He's worked at this church for over three and a half years, and he's watched it grow from about five people to around sixty people or so. During the service, they had a time for people to say goodbye and thank you to Boni, and since he was so well liked, the service stretched to two and a half hours. :( Long services and sermons are one thing I definately don't miss from Oaxaca.

Anyway, after the service we had some kind of egg thing to eat with lots of tortillas. For dessert we had cake, of course, for Boni's birthday. There is a Mexican custom of doing a mordida (literally, biting) where the birthday person has to take a bite out of the cake. While they are taking a small bite, someone is supposed to push their head into the cake. Unfortunately, Boni is too smart to get pushed into the cake too much. It was still fun though.

After the party, the people I went with and I headed over to the Zocalo in Zaachila, the town where the church is, to get some nieves. It's a perfect tradition to always get nieves after church. I had tuna. You would never think that tuna fish ice cream would be very good...
...and it probably isn't! I'm taking about tuna, the cactus fruit. Inside it has a red flesh and small black seeds. Anyway, I had that with leche quemada (burnt milk) nieve. It's almost like plain ice cream, but it has a slight burnt taste in with the sweetness. I thought it was interesting that the place we went was the same place where my family used to go when we were here before. It was even the same people running it!

First pic: Lunch. Some kind of egg thing with jamaica to drink again.
Second pic: Me and Boni. He's a great guy!
Third pic: Nieves!!! The closest one is mine. The one in back is tuna and nuez (walnut).

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