Monday, June 26, 2006

What a great day!

Today is a great day! I'm back from the village, so I have an always-on internet connection. I got my SAT scores, and I did quite well. My parents are coming tomorrow, so I get to see them again after a month and a half of being gone. The situation with the teachers is getting better. I still have two whole weeks here in Oaxaca...

I checked my SAT scores online this morning and found out that I got 2170 overall. The highest possible score is 2400 overall; 800 for each of three sections. My scores were: Critical reading-790 (99th percentile nation wide for everyone, and I'm only finishing my freshman year), Math-720 (96th percentile nation wide), and Writing-660. I think the only reason I did that bad on the writing section was because we had a horrible essay topic. I'm happy, though, since my goal was 2100, and with the score I got I really don't have to take it again.

Anyway, like I said, my parents arrive tomorrow. In the two weeks that they will be here we are planning on going down to the beach for a few days, going out to Teotitlan for their town festival, and sorting through all the things we left down here. Hopefully we'll find time to have some fun here in the city, too. Just in time for my parents coming, we finally heard some good news about the teachers. The governor has given the teachers a very generous offer, I assume in exchange for them going away and not demanding that he resign anymore. Also, the teachers have agreed not to block the Mexican presidential elections on July 2. Hopefully the teachers go back to teaching soon because, as it is, it will be difficult for the students to finish the school year.

First pic: A field near the village I was at.
Second pic: Some flowers in a village we passed through going to the village we stayed in.
Third pic: The trout that I mentioned before; this time on my plate rather than in the water.


oaxacadad said...

Felicidades! Muy bien hecho!
If those guys had only read your blogsite, they would have given you more points for the writing part! Good looking trout and beautiful pic of the flowers!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the SATs! What great scores! Any college will love to open their door to you.