Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weekly set of pictures

vOn the drive back from Mexico City. It really is a rugged beauty. If you click on the picture to make it full size, you can see the details better I think.
At the Museum of Anthropology. A vessel carved entirely out of one piece of obsidian. It was amazingly beautiful to see in real life.
Another pic from the drive back from Mexico City. It was hard to get good pictures driving because of our speed and the fact that I was taking pictures through the window, but some weren't all that bad.
The museum had some outdoor parts like this, but they were closed the day we were there.
More from the drive back. I still stay it's beautiful, from the hills in the other pictures to these moutains.
Inside the museum. It's very nicely put together. Not surprising considering it is called the most outstanding museum in the country.
Another one of the many, varied exhibits.
Out by the street where you turn into the museum. A sign and staute.
A sculpture in a park near the museum.
More inside the museum. It was fascinating, especially with all the interesting things like these painted walls.

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