Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Busy with nothing to do

It doesn't make sense that I haven't been doing all that much interesting, and yet I still feel like I'm running out of time here in Mexico. Let me explain; I have ten days here in Oaxaca city until we're planning on going up to the village. That brings us to the 17th, and my parents come just ten days after that on the 27th. Then we just have exactly two weeks until we leave, probably for good (except I don't think it's good). Since my time is pretty full while my parents are here, and I can't explore Oaxaca city up in the village, I have approximately ten days to do whatever I really want to do here in Oaxaca. Depressing...

Anyway, today we went over to school even though it's over, because they had a job for us. One of the classrooms plus two rooms storing books are on the third floor of a separate building from the main part of the school. This is the top floor of the building, and as I said, it stores basically all the text books and most resource books for the school in two smallish rooms. New, these books would be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the roof above this upper floor where they are stored is very bad for drainage, and has been for many years. The problem is that the people we rent from haven't fixed it. I remember when I was here water would seep in through the sheet rock ceiling after almost every heavy rain. Now the ceiling in both of the rooms where the books were has gotten so heavy and slightly moldy from the water that parts have actually fallen in. And other parts are hanging slightly off of the ceiling and dripping. So we had to go in there and work for almost two hours (I think) caryying books from those rooms out to the main room where it looked like it would stay more dry. All I can say is that the teachers next year are going to go crazy trying to find their books!

It really makes me thankful for what I have at Minnehaha. No dog poop on the stairs (from the resident puppy that people from the seminary we rent from own), no big earthquakes, no leaking water and collapsing ceilings, plenty of computers (the computer lab here contains a grand total of 6 computers), and a building that isn't half underground. Anyway, that was the most interesting part of my day.

First pic: A friend carrying a huge stack of books to the other room to keep them dry.
Second pic: The room I stayed in in Mexico City. Tiny...
Third pic: Quite a bit of the room that we filled with books. There were a ton of books and lots of stuff that I have no clue why it was kept. Someone needs to sort and throw stuff away!


Oaxacadad said...

Loved the picture of Matthew and the stack of books! Was that staged, or was he really carrying that many all at once?!
PS-I got your Minnehaha yearbook today from Peter's Dad. I looked like quite a few had signed it.

Oaxacamk said...

Nope, it was definately not staged. He was trying to see how many books he could carry at once, and I think that was about the limit. :)