Friday, June 02, 2006


Okay, we got home from graduation related affairs at 2AM this morning and I'm writing this after 3AM, so I have to get to bed. A post on graduation will come in the morning between eight and nine, hopefully.

I just wanted to post something about the meal we had a couple of nights ago. We went out to a taco place that seemed pretty decent from the outside. Inside it was okay, too. They have such great food! My friend and I split two things. He ordered ten tacos al pastor, which are tacos filled with meat sliced off a spit on which thin slices of meat and fat are layered. They also have cilantro and onions in them. At the table they had a really good red salsa that had just enough kick to be good, along with a delicious, slightly smoky taste.

I ordered a Charro Oaxaqueno. It was basically a plate filled with al pastor meat, spicy Mexican sausage (chorizo), bacon, Oaxacan cheese, and onions all mixed together and cooked. It came with plenty of tortillas, too. As are most of these foods, it was delicious. There was one salsa that had chunks of stuff in it, and I tried some. Unfortunately, that kind is not cooked
so there is a higher possibility of getting sick. I haven't gotten sick yet, though, so I think I'm fine!

Picture: The al pastor meat thing.

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Brandon said...

"Mine tastes like tacos, too!!"