Friday, June 09, 2006

Teotitlan continued

All was not lost though! I still had my own two feet to walk into town with. I started walking in, and after about ten minutes of walking by the side of the road, I was sweating and wishing for something to drink. After fifteen minutes I realized that my friends lived farther from the highway than I remembered and I was awfully hot and tired of walking. After twenty minutes I had been passing some places along the road, and I started wondering if my friends were still there and still sold rugs. And if they were still there, would I recognize their place. And if I did find it, would they even be there??!!!

Thankfully I did recognize their place, even though they had made a large addition to showcase some tapetes (rugs). Thinking back on it, it seems rather funny. I left their place two years ago, saying I would be back and visit in a year. I never showed up, so they must have thought I was gone for good. Then one ordinary day a year after I said I would be back, the father is outside, leaning on a pillar and talking to one of his friends. Up the dusty road he sees me, a young white kid, walking towards him. I almost walk by, but hesitate a moment, and approache a little uncertainly. At first I don't seem to know what to say, but eventually ask, "Do you know me?" I honestly had no idea if he would remember me, but he did. He even remembered my name! As soon as we greeted each other, he called his son out (who is probably around thirty) and they invited me in. Almost the first thing I could say was ask for something to drink. Twenty five minutes of walking out in the hot sun is no easy thing!

It was just so neat; he (the son) got me a drink and invited me in to watch the World Cup with him. And this after I just show up out of the blue after two years, and expect to be welcome! We watched some World Cup, and we talked for a while. Eventually he had to get back to work weaving rugs, but he told me to make myself at home, and take pictures wherever I wanted. They had a tourist group come so I took long than I expected, but then they wanted me to stay for something to eat. I had to meet a friend back in the city so I couldn't stay, but they invited me back for the town's holiday, said I could stay with them any time I needed a place to stay, drove me back to the highway, waited with me until the bus came, and told me to call next time I came out so they could drive me in from the highway! I'm sure it was an act of God that they were so receptive and kind to me!


'Aunt" Marian Johnson said...

Hi Tim, I don't know how these things work, but want you to know that I really enjoyed reading your blog up to this point. So glad that you're having a great time and found your friends.Have been praying for you and your whole family as you wait on the Lord to show the next step. How neat that you could go back and see your country again. Will you have a chance to put in an ocean picture?

Carrie D. said...

It is so wonderful to know that God is watching your every step and keeping you safe along your journey!
Carrie D.

Oaxacamk said...

Aunt Marian - Thanks for commenting even though you don't know exactly how it works. It's very encouraging to know that people out there are praying for us, especially for our future. It sure would be nice if we knew what we'll be doing next year.

We're going to go down to the beach sometime soon, and I'll post plenty of pictures of the ocean as soon as I get them. :)