Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More work at school

Wow. I sure haven't been doing a good job of keeping this up to date. It's more work than it seems like it would be. Maybe if people would leave more comments so I know someone is actually reading it... :) :)
Anyway, on Sunday I went out to Zaachila again. And missed all of Mexico's game in the World Cup. I guess it's okay, though, since they won. And since I got to get nieves again (guanabana and leche quemada again). I think it's kind of interesting how big the World Cup is down here. It seems like almost everyone watches it, and they show almost every single game on public TV (no satellite or cable or anything). It's bigger than anything I can think of in the States, even the Super Bowl. That comes every year, but this just comes once every four years... it comes even less often than the Olympics.

Yesterday I didn't really do all that much. It was another lazy day. But today was not lazy at all. We went in to school to help out, and they put us to work digging a trech in the front yard of the school. We had picks and shovels since the dirt was so hard. Half way across the yard from the school, the dirst gets better and grass actually grows, but the part closest to school is horrible. It's so hard that unless you use the pointy end of the pick it almost just bounces off! Oh, and did I mention the bricks? Apparently it's a commono practice here in Mexico that when you are finished building something you dispose of the surplus and broken bricks by burrying them at the construction site. We kept on hitting big chunks of brick that we would have to pry out. Literally (almost) back breaking work.

I did have some fun, though. The juniors and seniors sell candy, junk food, pizza, and (sometimes) hot dogs on certain days of the week while school is in setion to raise money to go to the beach at the end of the year. They kept all their stuff in a closet that the seniors forgot to empty out when they left, so we got our pick of some snacks and candy. Also the school was getting rid of a couple of old computers, and we took them. My friend (the one who I'm staying with) and I took apart one of th ecomputers so now I have a Pentium 3 processor, 256 MB of RAM, and a few other pieces of computer sitting on my desk. The computer was already dead so we kind of used a pliers to get some stuff out. I doubt anyone else would find that fun, but I thought it was interesting!

First pic: Oaxaca; the view from the roof of the school.
Second pic: The front "yard" where we were diggin. Also a view of Oaxaca from the roof of part of the school.
Third pic: One of the many interesting designs on rugs from Teotitlan.

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