Monday, June 05, 2006

Coming home

We finally got home yesterday, early afternoon. I guess it really hadn't been very long, but it seemed like it was a really long trip. On the way back we had to get up at 3:45 to leave by 4. We had to make sure we were out of there before the cops started checking license plates for the cars that weren't allowed to drive that day. Thankfully we stopped at the Italian Coffee Company coffee shop at one of the gas stations along the highway.

For breakfast we stopeed in Tehuacan, where the family I'm staying with worked before. There was a lovely hotel that they used to go to a lot to eat. It had a very relaxing, seemingly colonial, atmosphere with a fountain, lots of plants and flowers, and rows of birdcages with beautiful birds in them. The food was great, too! I had a dish called chilaquiles, whichare basically eggs, red salsa, and tortillas cooked together with cheese on top. It was less than 30 dollars for all six of us, but we all ended up being very full. After that we drove around town a little, with the family reminiscing about the time when they lived there.

Throughout the whole drive back, I was struck by the immense , rugged beauty of the landscape around us. It's very dry, almost desert-like, but it has a beauty all its own. There are big mountains with gorges and steep valleys between them. There are places with red sandstone type rock worn into ruts by water running over it. There are armies of tall, straight cacti sticking up everywhere like toothpicks. There smaller rolling hills and valleys, too. I'll try to post some more pictures of those things soon.

First pic: The place where we ate breakfast, just under halfway home. It was a lovely place with a fountain and lots of birds... Oh yea, great food too!
Second pic: The bridge that marks the state line between Puebla and Oaxaca. It's gigantic! there's a river in the bottom, but you can't see it in this picture. There might also be a car going across it, but the car would be so small in relation to the bridge that I can't tell.
Third pic: An interesting piece of grafitti in the town where we ate breakfast.

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oaxacadad said...

Awesome pictures. You have a great eye for photography and an artistic flair for grouping three pictures together which are so totally different, but each representative of a certain part of the reality that is Mexico, and for the most part, Oaxaca that you are experiencing. Thanks for sharing your perspective with us.