Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weekly set of pictures

Dyed wool waiting to be woven into a rug in progress at Teotitlan.

I can never get enough of the beauty of the mountains in Oaxaca!

A night time picture of the gazebo in the Zocalo. The whole Zocalo is covered in signs like the one in the picture. There were even signs with the pictures of Stalin, Lenin, and Marx on them. Way too strong an influence from the left for my liking. On a lighter note, a band the teachers put together was playing some nice traditional music in the gazebo (between short political speeches, of course.)

Early morning sun shining down the coast toawards us in Huatulco.

In Teotitlan they make rugs with designs as well as ones with pictures on them based on archeology and other art forms besides rugmaking.

11The Best Western we stayed at in Huatulco.

2Me and my friend Enrique out at Zaachila.

3Me with a tamale at my friend's place in Teotitlan.

4What an interesting looking VW! Nothing like I've ever seen before. :)

5A jet ski at Huatulco.

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elly sharp said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks for your reply.
I can totally sympathize with you and your family about leaving such a beloved place, so we'll be praying for you all as you leave, like you said, 'for good' which isn't good. :-)
Again your pix are great! makes me proud to be a Mexican and have such a colourful country. (Huelgas de maestros and all!) You've certainly had a fantastic time while there, and seen and experienced real culture, not the kind prepared for tourists.
Give my love to your parents, and God bless you all!