Monday, July 31, 2006

Best Pictures, Post #6

The seeds and nuts vendor at a baseball game. Lots of it is probably similar to here in the States with the one big exception of the chile powder on everything. :)

A street off the Zocalo early in the evening. Unfortunately these streets are now blocked off by the teachers and it looks like they're there for the long haul. No quick solution with the teacher strikes; hopefully their support will fade.

The square in front of Santo Domingo, facing away from the church. There's an Italian Coffee Company shop inside that orange building. They have very good iced coffees for hot days...

On the drive up into the mountains.

In a field near the village where I stayed up in the mountains.

A red flower up at Benito Juarez.

The view from a small Baptist church in a village called San Jose up in the mountains.

A group of men performing the feather dance in Teotitlan.

Isn't he cute? He's named Noah, and he's mute, but he still loves seeing his picture on the camera. :) :)

A panorama of one of the main bays in Huatulco.


oaxacadad said...

These are great pictures, tim, as everyone can see!! Folks just go at it so quickly that not many stop and comment on them. You do good!

Anonymous said...

Why take sides in a political stuggle to which you are only a tourist? Try to pray for resolution and safety instead of attacking all 'teachers'. Wasn't Jesus Christ a teacher and a protester in his day?

Oaxacakid said...

One, I'm not just a tourist. I lived there. Two, I'm not trying to take sides. It's just that the way the teachers were protesting seemed to be doing more harm than good. Jesus Christ was a teacher and didn't conform to the norms of His day, but he didn't advocate violent protests. He advocated change through a change of heart and through loving your enemies. Nevertheless, the teachers do/did have many valid points concerning the governor. They might have expressed them in a better way, though.
By the way, thanks for commenting!