Monday, July 24, 2006

Best Pictures, Post #3

Just one post today, unfortunately. More tomorrow.

A list of nieve flavors at the Benito Juarez market, near the Zocalo. From top to bottom, starting with the left side it reads (with my comments in parenthesis): Lime, Tuna (cactus tuna), Mango, Tamarind (unsweetened), Guanabana, Peach, Angel's Kiss (made with mixed, dried fruit), Pina Colada, Burnt Milk, Sorbet, Walnut, Strawberry, Roses (not sure what that is), Cheese (yes, it really tastes like real cheese; not cheese cake type stuff), Mamey (not sure what the English name is), Corn (judging by the taste of the cheese flavored one this probably really tastes like corn), Peanut, Chocolate, Mezcal (similar to tequila), and Coconut.

Two kids sitting on a cross outside the Catholic church in Teotitlan.

Santo Domingo in the late afternoon.

Inti Raimi, the Andean band that played on the Zocalo.

A lookout point at Huatulco.

On the flight to Oaxaca.

The bridge that separates the states of Oaxaca and Puebla.

A baseball game.

A spinning wheel in Teotitlan.

A fruit stand in the Abastos market.


Anonymous said...

Excellent pics! I really enjoyed them & your write ups about CHIC & Oaxaca. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I meant to sign my name to previous note. Any guesses?
So as not to leave you in suspense -
Aunt Sheryl