Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coming to "The End"

Unfortunately, my time here in Oaxaca is just about over. I've spent nearly nine weeks here, and it's been just as good as I imagined it would be. I've explored the city, a remote Mazatec village in the mountains, a village in the mountains close by, a rug weaving town, and the beach. I've had a blast taking pictures and writing in this blog. But I guess it had to end sometime. Tomorrow I fly out with my family early in the morning. On Friday I'm going to Tennessee to attend CHIC, our Covenant high school retreat/conference, with my church's youth group. So I'll be busy settling back into life in the US and then heading off again.

Still, today will not be the last day I'll post something. For the next week I will continue to post some things, mostly pictures. After that I might continue to use this blog as a place to post a monthly update on life in the US and how things are going. Then, next summer, if I can work out a way to come back here, I'll use this blog as a place to post more of my ramblings from Oaxaca.

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