Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Best Pictures, Post #4

The baseball stadium: a panorama.

11The walking street between the Zocalo and Santo Domingo. I always love seeing the colorful colonial buildings.

2Looking out over a field a short walk from the village of Benito Juarez.

3A clump of flowers up in the Mazatec region of the mountains of Oaxaca.

4Italian Coffee Company! This one is just across from Santo Domingo, and I can personally attest to the quality of the coffee. :)

5A local pizza delivery motorcycle. Like I said before, I always think it's strange to see pizza being delivered in cars here in the States.

6My rug weaver friends from Teotitlan. Beautiful rugs and great friends! I find it interesting to see the differences between people selling stuff here in the States and there in Oaxaca. There the focus is much more on the relationship between the seller and the buyer (which is why they're my friends). It's not nearly as much about "buy, buy, buy my stuff!!!"

7A field surrounded by mountains in the Mazatec region of the mountains in Oaxaca.

8Bahia Chahue -- Chahue Bay , one of the many bays in Huatulco.

9A donkey in the village of Benito Juarez.


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