Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, this will just be a brief update. We arrived safely in Tokyo on
the 15th, a day later than we left (with the time change). The flight
was actually quite nice, since we were on Korean Air. The seats had a
reasonable amount of legroom, the AVOD system had an impressive
selection of recently-released movies, and we got two meals (in
coach!). Yesterday (the 15th), we got in on the tale end of the day's
rally. After debriefing following the rally, we got dinner and went to
the public baths. We didn't end up getting to bed until close to
midnight here, after being up for over 24 hours.

This morning we got up shortly after six and, after a quick breakfast,
we went out to promote the rallies to youth on their way to school. We
handed out flyers as the youth were walking past to school, and tried
to get them interested in coming to the rallies. Once we got back, we
had a bigger breakfast and a worship service of sorts. Today was one
day without a rally in the afternoon, so we had most of the afternoon

In a little while, we'll be heading off to the public baths again and
then to bed. I'm still thoroughly jetlagged, so bed is sounding really
good right about now.

*Just a note, I'm emailing this in from my phone. If there are
formatting errors or anything like that, that would be why.


Dennis said...

So good to be able to get these updates! Praying you through jet lag!
Blessings, Dad

Christina said...

"Welcome" to Japan! So how many times have you taken off your shoes already? Enjoy the culture and people!
Christina Pierce (church friend)