Friday, July 09, 2010

First Impressions

Since I did manage to post an update on Wednesday, the first full day we were in Tokyo, I'll just add a few pictures here to go along with that.

We drove from the airport to the HiBA center in downtown Tokyo. We got there midway through the afternoon rally. Here's a shot from the end of the rally, of all the people who came. The Gospel Team (GT) members are in the blue shirts. The rest of the students are Japanese high schoolers who attended the rally.

Wednesday was a rest day, with no rallies. After the midday worship time, we had some free time. I went with a group to the 100 yen store, which is basically a dollar store (but bigger and better!). Here's a picture of a street in downtown Tokyo from the walk there.

The 100 yen store was located on this street, Takeshita Dori, the center of Tokyo's Harajuku area. Especially on weekends, this place is packed with people wearing the latest in Japanese fashion.

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