Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Picture Post: Visiting Mexico

The experience of living in Mexico, even for only a week.

Our hotel, Hotel del Bosque, seen from the front. It was supposed to have a restaurant, but that part of the hotel was being remodeled. Hence, no coffee for a whole week.

The side of the hotel, with parking. We had most of the top floor for our group. Not wonderful accommodations, but pretty good for being on a mission trip.

No DQ or Coldstone... what to do when you're craving some ice cream?
Go to Michoacana!

Dinner one night. The pastor spent extra money to make sure we had food he thought we would like, Mexican hamburgers. They even had a slice of ham in them, and came with a jalapeƱo!

A meal we had another night, that they cooked for us. Some kind of roasted meat, rice, and mashed potatoes. Pretty tasty!

Shopping on Friday. A shot of the market area near the central plaza.

When on a mission trip to Mexico, there are two things that you should always have with you, no matter what. One is hand sanitizer, and the other is toilet paper. Both come in handy a lot.

Speaking of toilet paper, maybe it would be a good idea to cary a toilet seat around, too. Actually, this isn't that bad. This is what some rooms at the hotel had, a toilet without a seat. The bathroom facilities at the churches were often significantly worse.

This is how everyone gets their purified drinking water, in big 5 gallon jugs. They're cheap, too, at just 50 cents a jug, depending on where in Mexico you live.

A street vendor selling drinks and elote, corn covered in mayonnaise, crumbly cheese, chili powder, and lime juice. I don't think we were supposed to buy from the street vendors, so I held myself back. The corn is actually very tasty, though!

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Just got around to viewing these pictures, Tim. Good job! Fun to see.